Zoning Permits

Zoning Permits

​A Town of Cape Carteret zoning permit is required for any development in the Town that is regulated by the Town's ordinances or by State or Federal regulations. The following development activities require a zoning permit from the Town prior to the initiation of work:

  • new construction of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings
  • installation of a new modular or mobile home
  • construction of an addition to an existing structure
  • construction or placement of a shed or other accessory structure
  • construction of a new deck or replacement / expansion of an existing deck
  • construction or installation of a new swimming pool
  • installation of a new fence
  • installation of a new driveway
  • installation of a new patio
  • construction of a new dock or replacement / expansion of an existing dock
  • installation of a new boat lift
  • installation of a new commercial sign or replacement / expansion of existing commercial sign, and 
  • construction of a new commercial parking lot or modification of existing parking lot.

Other development activities not listed above may require a zoning permit, and clarification may be obtained by calling the Town Planner. 

To apply for a zoning permit, please complete the online form below (scroll down--it is in the blue rectangle with our town logo), or download and complete the Zoning Permit Application and submit via email or in person to the Town Planner.  Please include / upload all associated plans and documents with your permit application. 

Projects located in a regulatory flood zone will be required to submit appropriate surveys and additional information to enable proper review.  Projects requiring a CAMA permit should submit a copy of the CAMA permit issued by Carteret County or the NC Division of Coastal Management. 

Projects located in a Cape Carteret subdivision that requires approval by the Homeowners Association (HOA) or Architectural Review Committee (ARC) should submit a copy of the approval granted by the HOA or ARC.

Fees for zoning permits are $100 for residential projects and $200 for commercial projects. 

Building permits are required for most projects that require a Town of Cape Carteret zoning permit, and can be obtained from Carteret County after receipt of a zoning permit from the Town.  The Carteret County Western Office is located on NC 24 in Cedar Point, and can be contacted at 252-222-5833.