Development Services

The Town employs a full-time Town Planner who is responsible for managing all aspects of the development review process in Cape Carteret. 

The Town Planner administers the Town's Unified Development Ordinance, which includes zoning regulations, floodplain management regulations, subdivision requirements, sign regulations, storm water management requirements, and other development-related requirements.  The Town Planner is available to assist residents, property owners, and contractors with general inquiries about the Town's requirements and any new development proposals.

The Town Planner also performs code enforcement activities, and residents are encouraged to contact the Town Planner to report any concerns.

The Town Planner also provides staff support to the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment.  

Staff Contacts

Julie Shambaugh
Town Planner

102 Dolphin Street
Cape Carteret, NC 28584
United States

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