Mayor & Board of Commissioners

The Mayor & Board of Commissioners are elected by the voters of Cape Carteret to provide overall leadership, establish official Town policy, and oversee Town government operations. 

The Board of Commissioners consists of 5 members serving staggered terms, with 4 members serving a 4-year term and 1 member serving a 2-year term.  Official Town decisions are made by a majority of the Board of Commissioners.  The Mayor is separately elected, serves a 4-year term, and only votes in case of a tie vote among the Board of Commissioners.  The Mayor presides over all official Town meetings. 

The Board of Commissioners is the policy-making body for the Town, adopts the annual Town budget, establishes the property tax rate and other Town fees, and appoints the Town Manager and Town Attorney.  

The Board of Commissioners meets on the second Monday of each month at 6 pm at Town Hall, and also conducts special meetings as necessary at other times during the year.  Public attendance and comment is welcome at all Board of Commissioners meetings, and questions and concerns may also be directed to the Mayor, Commissioners, Town Manager, and Town Clerk via this website. 

Commissioner Cameron Watts
Commissioner ​Charlie Morgan
John Ritchie
Commissioner Steve Martin
Commissioner (Mayor Pro Tem)

102 Dolphin Street
Cape Carteret, NC 28584
United States

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