Public Works

Aerial view of Cape Carteret

The Public Works Department maintains all Town streets, storm water management infrastructure, park facilities, multi-use path, and Town buildings in the Town of Cape Carteret to ensure proper function and attractive aesthetics, and also provides yard debris collection services. 

Public water supply is provided by Western Carteret Water Corporation, a private non-profit entity, and they can be reached at 252-393-1515 or via their website. There is no centralized wastewater collection system in Cape Carteret, and all residential units and some businesses utilize on-site wastewater systems.  Many of the businesses in the main commercial area along NC 24 are served by a private, non-profit wastewater treatment provider. 

Inquiries and concerns regarding the Public Works Department and/or the Town's infrastructure should be directed to Town Hall at 252-393-8483, or may be communicated via email through this website to the Public Works Director, Town Manager, or Town Clerk.  

Staff Contacts

Ryan Hutchinson wearing a blue shirt and baseball cap smiling at the camera
Public Works Director
Todd Larson
Public Works Technician
Adam Littleton
Public Works Technician

102 Dolphin Street
Cape Carteret , NC 28584
United States

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