Street Maintenance

People in high-vision yellow and orange vests working large equipment to resurface a road

The Public Works Department maintains approximately 20 miles of Town streets, primarily in the residential areas of Cape Carteret.  Street maintenance activities include pothole repair, annual repaving projects, street sign maintenance, and right of way mowing and litter removal.  The Town's official street map (known as the Powell Bill Map) is included below.  

NCDOT is responsible for road maintenance on NC 24, NC 58, and Taylor Notion Road, however the Public Works Department performs right of way mowing and litter removal along these State-maintained roads to maintain attractive aesthetics.  

Golfin Dolphin Drive and Enterprise Drive in the main commercial area are private streets, and are maintained by the businesses located in this area.  A handful of residential streets in Cape Carteret, including the Cape Point subdivision, Hunter Brown Drive, Clubhouse Drive (through Star Hill Golf Course), and Quail Run are private streets, and are maintained by the property owners in these areas.