Yard Debris Collection

A large vehicle with a crane picking up yard debris from the side of a road

The Town of Cape Carteret offers curbside collection of residential yard debris every other month, according to the established annual schedule outlined in the attachment below.

Each collection event begins on a Monday, and yard debris may be placed at the curbside no more than 10 days prior to the scheduled collection date, or two Fridays prior (in order to provide two full weekends for residents to place debris). 

*Pick-Up begins on November 27th and will continue until Public Works is able to get down every street.

*Yard debris can be placed in the right-of-way ten days before the scheduled pick-up--November 17th.

*Please make sure your debris is by the road no later than November 26th!! Public Works will make a trip down each street one time.

*Please do not bag items.

*Please make sure that you do not place your debris near powerlines, trees or your mailbox.

*Please do not have whole trees or stumps by the road.

*Leaves and limbs should be placed in separate piles at the curbside. 

*Limbs should be cut into segments 6 feet long, and should not exceed 6 inches in diameter. 

*Please do not place your yard debris on a vacant lot.

*Once yard debris is picked up, please do not put more out.