​Cape Carteret Trail

Cape Carteret Trail

The Cape Carteret Trail is a dedicated multi-use path along NC 58, NC 24, and Taylor Notion Road in the center of Cape Carteret.  The multi-use path is generally 10 ft. wide, primarily consisting of asphalt with some concrete segments, and is currently approximately 2.4 miles long.  The multi-use path is available to bicyclists, walkers, and runners, and is a great way to stay healthy and travel to the main commercial area, the Western Carteret Library, White Oak Elementary School, and other destinations.

The Town is planning to construct the final ~ 1 mile segment of the multi-use path along Taylor Notion Road and NC 58 in spring / summer 2024, and the completion of this segment will result in a complete ~ 3.4 mile loop for our residents and visitors to enjoy.