Citizen Complaint

Citizen Complaint Form
Resident's Information
I understand and acknowledge that I am filing an official police report with the Town of Cape Carteret Police Department. I further understand that any information that is provided in this complaint that is untruthful, false, or a gross misrepresentation of the facts or events that I am reporting, may result in criminal prosecution. The information that I have provided is honest and truthful based on my understanding and recollection of the incident described above.

It is the policy of the Cape Carteret Police Department to receive and review every complaint filed against the Department or any employee. We feel that this is important to maintain the citizens’ confidence in the department and to ensure the integrity of the organization.
Your complaint will be thoroughly reviewed and handled as promptly as possible. A member of the department assigned to review this matter will contact you very soon. However, if you are not contacted, or if you have additional information concerning this matter, please feel free to contact the Chief of Police at (252) 393-2183.

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