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Town of Cape Carteret Golf Cart Regulations

Golf Carts can be driven within the Town limits of Cape Carteret (with the exception of Hwy 24) as long as the golf cart displays a current year Town Golf Cart tag. To obtain a golf cart tag, please print out and complete the application below, bring the completed application to Town Hall along with the fee of $75.00. The Cape Carteret PD will then conduct a safety inspection of your golf cart and issue the tag to you. Golf cart tags are valid from January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Golf Cart Registration Application

Owner and Golf Cart Information
Golf Cart Registration Application
Mailing Address
The golf cart has not been registered with Cape Carteret.
The golf cart was registered with Cape Carteret last year.
Insurance Certification

Under penalties of perjury, I declare this vehicle is insured with the company named below and I will maintain liability insurance throughout the registration period.

Golf Cart Regulations


It is unlawful to operate a golf cart on a public street, road or highway with the Town of Cape Carteret unless the following requirements are met:

a. A golf cart must display a valid Town-issued golf cart license plate and annual registration decal.

b. A golf cart may be operated on all public streets and roads in Cape Carteret, with the exception of the entire lengths of NC 24 (W.B. McLean Drive), NC 58 and Taylor Notion Road.

c. No person may operate a golf cart unless that person is at least 16 years of age and possesses a valid state driver’s license. The operator must have the driver’s license in his/her possession while operating the golf cart. The operator must be a resident, property owner, authorized guest or tenant of property with a physical address in Cape Carteret.

d. The driver and passengers must be properly seated while the golf cart is in motion. Passengers 15 years of age and younger must be seated with seat belts properly fastened and may not be transported in a negligent manner. The seating capacity with seat belts shall not be exceeded.

e. No golf cart may be operated at a speed greater than reasonable and prudent for the existing conditions, and in no instance at a speed greater than twenty (20) miles per hour.

f. No golf cart may be operated in a careless or reckless manner

g. Golf carts must be operated in accordance with all applicable state and local traffic laws and ordinances, including all laws, regulations and ordinances pertaining to the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

h. Golf carts are subject to the same parking regulations as traditional motor vehicles and may only be parked in the same manner and in the same places designated for the parking of traditional motor vehicles.

i. Golf carts are permitted to park in specially designated “golf cart only” parking spaces as may be provided by the Town in various locations.

j. Golf carts may only park in handicapped parking spaces if the driver has a valid handicapped placard or sticker and the same is clearly posted or displayed in the golf cart.

k. Golf carts may not be operated on any municipal pier, sidewalk, multi-use path or designated bicycle path except for golf carts operated by governmental or public service agencies for official purposes.

l. No golf cart may be operated on town streets or roads between official sunset and official sunrise unless the golf cart is equipped with two (2) operating front headlights, visible from a distance of at least two hundred fifty (250) feet and two (2) operating tail lights, with brake lights and turn signals, visible from a distance of at least two hundred fifty (250) feet. No golf cart may be operated on town streets or roads after 11:00 PM.

m. Golf carts may not be used for the purpose of towing another cart, trailer or vehicle of any kind, including a person on roller skates, skateboard or bicycle.

n. The possession of open containers of alcohol and/or consumption of alcohol by the driver and/or passengers of a golf cart is prohibited.

o. The operator of a golf cart shall yield the right-of-way to traditional motor vehicles.

Penalties and Remedies

a. Any person violating the motor vehicle laws of the state, which shall also apply to golf carts registered under this article shall be subject to the penalties prescribed in state law for said violation.

b. Any person who knowingly allows an underage driver to operate a golf cart shall be charged and subject to the penalties prescribed in state law for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

c. Any person violating the provisions of this article or failing to comply with any of its requirements shall be required to pay a civil violation in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00)

d. Any person violating the Town’s parking ordinances shall be subject to the penalties relating to parking violations.

e. Operating a golf cart under the influence or an impairing substance (i.e. alcohol or drugs) on a public street or road is a violation of state law, and is punishable as provided therein.

f. The Town may refuse to register and issue a permit for the operation of a golf cart, or may revoke a previously issued permit if the registered golf cart and/or the owner of the golf cart is involved in three (3) or more violations of this article and/or violations of state law within a three (3) year time period. Said revocation and/or denial of a permit shall be effective for one (1) year.

Owner Validation
Payment Validation

Please submit Golf Cart Application Fee of $75 by navigating to the Payment Portal.

After payment be sure to submit application on this page.

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