Recycling Latex Paint

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Carteret County residents are encouraged to participate in a special month-long program, running from April 1 to April 30, offering free and safe disposal of unwanted latex paint.

This environmentally friendly initiative, organized by the Carteret County Solid Waste Division, encourages residents to drop off old or unused latex paint at two designated locations: 800 Hibbs Road in Newport and 485 Harkers Island Road in Otway.

Residents are urged to bring their unwanted latex paint in its original container with a clearly labeled product name. Oil-based paints, solidified paints, creosote, turpentine, other solvents, and unlabeled containers are not accepted in this program.

“Dropping off old or unwanted latex paint at these designated sites keeps harmful materials out of our landfills,” said Billy Merkley, Public Works Director for Carteret County. “Recycled latex paint can be repurposed into new paint or even transformed for other uses, depending on its condition.”

Residents seeking to dispose of materials not accepted in this program can visit the Coastal Environmental Partnership Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day scheduled for Saturday, May 11.

For more information on the latex paint recycling program or future collection events, visit the Carteret County website at or call the Public Works Department at (252) 648-7878.